Paid Media to Move Your Message

Tricom frequently recommends to our clients that they use a mix of free media and viral communication via the Internet to promote their issues, turning to more expensive paid media only when they are unableto get out their message effectively through free sources.

Nonetheless, we recognize the impact that paid media can have on targeted audiences and we have produced radio, TV and print ads, and put together media buys that are both cost effective and successful in moving public opinion. Radio spots, in particular, are relatively inexpensive options that can be carefully targeted for maximum impact.

High-impact, Low-cost Radio

During the 2008 campaign, for example, Tricom developed highly effective issue-focused radio commercials for the AFL-CIO that were instrumental in helping Democrats win a 60-vote majority in the U.S. Senate. These commercials assailed Republican Sens. John Sununu (N.H.), Norm Coleman (Minn.) and Gordon Smith (Ore.) for their support for privatizing Social Security and cutting taxes on the wealthiest Americans and oil companies while routinely voting against raising the minimum wage or increasing the number of children covered by Medicaid. Those senators all went down to defeat.

Meanwhile, Tricom's positive dramatization of Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu's support for increased health care coverage for children and her strong opposition to Wall Street's push for privatization of Social Security helped her win re-election. These commercials combined creative use of the radio medium to prove both persuasive and cost effective. (Hear samples)

Coordinating Print and Electronic Media

During a series of town hall meetings conducted by the Alliance of American Manufacturing during October 2008, Tricom helped focus on the need for manufacturing policy in our nation, and preserving U.S. jobs, by using both radio and print advertisement.

Tricom also helped the International Association of Fire Fighters in 2008 place television ads in targeted markets to support candidates backed by these first responders, and worked with the League of Conservation Voters and the AFL-CIO’s Building and Construction Trades Department to promote a series of ads that challenged candidates to support “green jobs.”

When clients don’t have the funds to buy expensive media, Tricom has been able to develop spots for them that still make their case in a powerful way through Internet distribution, such as this spot produced for the Economic Policy Institute.