Tricom has a long and dedicated record of work with the labor movement, and many key Tricom staffers come out of unions or the AFL-CIO. Our work with labor has ranged from legislative and political initiatives to organizing and bargaining campaigns. We’ve provided strategic communications advice for union leaders, and helped develop programs and events to draw public attention to labor issues and causes.

With the universe of labor reporters shrinking drastically over the past decades, Tricom has worked to educate business and political reporters on the importance of labor unions and their impact on the U.S. economy and legislative activity. And we’ve used viral marketing techniques to help unions move their messages in the absence of mainstream media coverage and in the face of multimillion-dollar ad campaigns by their opponents.

Like Tricom, labor tends to fight above its weight class, and we’re proud of our efforts to promote economic and social justice through America’s unions. That work has run the gamut of U.S. industries:

Transportation – Tricom helped the Southwest flight attendants gain an industry-leading contract with the Transport Workers Union, and is working now with the Association of Professional Flight Attendants in its contract campaign with American Airlines, and with the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA in its organizing campaign at Delta Air Lines.

altUtilities – Tricom has helped develop organizing and bargaining communications campaigns for utility members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and worked with IBEW to promote green energy sources, including nuclear, solar and wind. Tricom staffers have produced magazines and other material to assist the Utility Workers Union of America, and helped to organize national and state summits to oppose utility deregulation.

Industrial/Manufacturing – Tricom has worked with the United Steelworkers and its industrial partners at the Association for American Manufacturing to promote manufacturing and “fair trade” policies, setting up town hall meetings and publicizing nationwide studies. Tricom also has promoted “green jobs” through the Blue Green Alliance and the Apollo Alliance, and has helped the USW and the IBEW in bargaining campaigns.

Communications – Working with both the IBEW and the Communications Workers of America, Tricom has assisted Verizon and AT&T workers gain contracts and opposed efforts to sell off landline operations to inexperienced and underfinanced phone companies.

Education – Tricom has worked with the American Federation of Teachers and representatives of other school personnel to improve teacher retention and the quality of education.

Health Care – We’ve worked with registered nurses and other health care worker organizations from Maryland and the District of Columbia to Florida and California, helping them make the case for patients and a national health care system in dire need of reform.

Public Employees – Tricom has helped firefighters advance first-responder concerns at both the local and the national levels, and has worked with other government employees to promote funding for critical services.

In addition, Tricom worked closely with AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka during his election campaign in 2009, including the production of his bio video played at the convention:

And, we continue to help develop communications programs and products with the labor federation.