Creative Services

Creative Team

We may be small in size as far as agencies go, but Tricom produces some big ideas to bring our clients’ brands to life. Working with our extended family of designers, photographers, video producers, Web developers and other consultants, we build a creative team that is customized to fit each of our clients’ issues and audiences.

Because we often work as an extension of our clients’ internal communications team, we gain keen insight into what makes them tick – their voice and style, the message they want to convey and the reaction they are seeking from their audiences. We make it our job to immerse ourselves in our clients’ issues so we can deliver creative strategies that drive their message home and achieve their communications goals.

A/V Production

From our early use of satellite technology to deliver news in the 1980s, to creating our own syndicated print news and radio service and our groundbreaking use of online video – Tricom is a trendsetter in using new media to penetrate markets nationwide, and inspire our clients’ audiences creatively and cost efficiently.

Our in-house video and audio services team produces compelling tools to help our clients tell their stories. The visual images we created working with the Corporation for Pubic Broadcasting (and Elmo and the Sesame Street characters who cheered up children after Hurricane Katrina), our work with the U.S. Oceans Commission on the release of its historic report, and our efforts working with the National Science Foundation’s Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching to spotlight the impact that good teachers have on students have had a lasting impact.


Your visual identity is the heart of who you are on paper, on the Web, on the air and in the minds of your audiences. How you are branded, or rebranded, can help shape public opinion about you.

Tricom creates branding campaigns that cut through the clutter in a fiercely competitive market for public attention. We help our clients achieve results that speak for themselves. And this helps them achieve their goals, whether they want to win a campaign, save a life, grow their membership or shape policy.

Graphic & Website Design

Tricom takes a strategic approach to designing and producing materials and images that not only help strengthen our clients’ brands, but grow their communications capacity. For each piece we develop, we drill down into who you are as an organization and what you are trying to achieve. Once we have a solid understanding of your message, audiences and goals, we carry that through in logos, brochures, postcards, annual reports, fact sheets, creative promotional giveaways, advertisements, direct mail, event signage and more.

We make suggestions to our clients that help them re-purpose materials, be more environmentally conscious and maximize their budgets. We put our hearts as well as our smarts into everything we create.

In our minds the Internet should really be called the “Outernet,” because it provides our clients with endless, untapped opportunities to share their vision. Tricom creates interactive strategies that make it easier for our clients to reach their audiences. We know you can’t get by anymore by simply putting up a website and hoping they find you. Your audiences are out there, and it’s up to you to find them, connect with them and engage them in your dialogue. We design websites that make our clients’ jobs easier.

Writing & Editorial

Tricom crafts press releases, white papers, magazine articles, op-ed pieces, speeches, newsletters, direct mail, print ads, scripts for radio and TV spots and other material that help give voice to our clients' vision. We can help you find the right words, and the right device, to get your message across, sparking emotion and building attachment among your audiences.

Tricom staff includes many seasoned writers and editors who will draw out our clients’ stories and build narratives that help them inspire their audience and expand their reach. We have the expertise and the timing to paint a poignant picture, use humor when appropriate, or pull at heartstrings when necessary.