Public Relations

Strategic Counsel

Tricom’s clients ask for our advice on messaging, partnership opportunities, policy and political strategies.

We provide our clients with a full range of public relations and strategic counsel services, including:

  • Communications Audits and Research
  • Identifying Campaign Objectives
  • Message Development and Editorial Guidance
  • Developing Outreach Tools
  • Survey Research and Focus Groups
  • Planning and Timelines
  • Campaign Management
  • Training

Media Relations

Tricom’s work is based on an understanding of how to communicate for constructive change  not just to disseminate and publicize.

We believe communications is an engine for empowering constructive change through public awareness.

We craft and execute media strategies that ensure maximum publicity at both the local and national levels, including helping our clients find the most powerful story angles, drafting press releases and advisories, and most importantly, getting on the telephone and “selling” stories to reporters and producers. We know firsthand that even the best press releases don’t generate news; picking up the phone and talking with reporters is the only way to get the coverage our clients want.

This is where we excel – pitching stories creatively and aggressively.

Our experience and track record of success have proven to be of surpassing value to our clients, resulting in substantial media coverage in outlets old and new, from newspapers and TV to viral marketing on YouTube and websites, from discussions on blogs to Twitter conversations.

Our media relations work covers:

  • Story Generation and Media Placement
  • Creating News and Leveraging Stories
  • Press Releases, Op-eds and Letters to the Editor
  • Social Media Integration
  • Video and Radio News Releases
  • Satellite Media Tours
  • Grassroots/Nationwide Media
  • Press Advance
  • Media Monitoring and Reporting
  • Post-Campaign Analysis

Getting the media’s attention is one thing; having spokespeople who are trained to work with reporters is another.

This takes some practice and coaching, but it is important to be sure key messages come across in the most powerful and succinct terms.

Our media trainings are customized to fit our clients’ needs, but typically will follow a general format:

  1. Preparation and Messaging
  2. Review Types of Media
  3. Keys to Positive Communication
  4. Maintaining Audience Interest
  5. How to Respond to (or Defuse) Questions
  6. Rehearsing (including on-camera interviews and press conferences, if needed)
  7. Review Broadcast Interview Styles
  8. Post-Interview Follow-up
  9. Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications

We have worked with our clients to craft crisis communications plans, to deal with full-blown crises and to avert foreseen crises.

A little bit of planning can go a long way when it comes to dealing with a crisis that could affect reputations, clients, future business and partnerships.

Tricom helps clients anticipate potential communications problems, establish protocols for dealing with a crisis and we provide round-the-clock support in the event of a crisis. We have worked to mitigate potentially harmful and mistaken news stories, planned for dealing with sickness and injuries during events and served as advisers for clients dealing with real mistakes made as part of their work.

Tricom's associates are trusted advisers who spend years working with our clients, feel part of their family and work to ensure the right thing is done by everyone.

Internal Relations

Our clients’ staff, partners, members and/or customers are just as important to effectively communicate key messages as any spokesperson, press release or media clip. If the message is not consistent internally, communicating consistently to external audiences is even more challenging.

Tricom manages a variety of internal relations outreach, depending on the client’s need. Some of the standard tools include:

  • Newsletters and Publications
  • Special Websites
  • H2O Action Kits
  • Merchandise
  • Training
  • Hot Lines and Call Outs
  • Blast E-mail and Fax